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Governor Bob Riley signs Executive Order establishing Alabama Treasured Lake designation

A Treasured Alabama Lake

On December 28, 2010, Governor Bob Riley signed Executive Order number 54 which established the designation of Treasured Alabama Lakes (TAL) and singled out Lake Martin as the first to receive this designation.  This designation insured that Lake Martin would be protected for generations to come. This accomplishment was the result of many years of work by Lake Watch of Lake Martin ( Their work of continuous monitoring of water quality established what many already knew, that Lake Martin stood out from other lakes in water quality, beauty and recreational qualities and these features should be recognized and preserved.

In addition to water quality, other factors considered in the designation were state parks and wildlife refuges, recreational significance, water supply and rare or extraordinary ecological significance. Lake Martin rates high in all categories. LMRA is proud to say that we support all aspects of the TAL designation and our work in the past, present and future has been and will continue to be in support of the criteria established for the TAL designation.


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