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Lake Martin Treasured Mile Program

The Treasured Mile Program is a partnership program established by the Lake Martin Resource Association (LMRA) with sponsorship from Russell Lands (RL) and Alabama Power Company (APC) that allows for recreational, volunteer public participation in controlling litter year round at Lake Martin through the “adoption” of a shoreline segment or the “adoption” of an APC owned island.

Individuals, families, educational institutions, houses of worship, organizations, civic groups, youth groups and businesses are all invited to adopt a section of shoreline or an APC island to help control litter and maintain these areas to help provide beauty and openness for the benefit of the public and also assist in providing for a cleaner, healthier and more attractive recreational environment at Lake Martin.

How does it work?

  • The Lake Martin shoreline has been divided into 78 eligible segments, as shown on the map on the LMRA website. Also shown on the map are APC’s 26 eligible islands.
  • An interested party can request an eligible shoreline segment or eligible island for adoption via a short online application on the LMRA website.
  • The adopting party will take on the responsibility of cleaning and maintaining its specific shoreline segment or island. Adopters can either schedule and organize specific cleanups of its area and/or regularly patrol its area and remove any trash from the shoreline.
  • The adoption period will be for 2 years, renewable at the request of the adopter. If at any time an adopter determines it can no longer fulfill its responsibility, it should contact LMRA.
  • Litter removal supplies (safety vest, gloves, grabber sticks and litter bags) will be provided by LMRA and its sponsors. Litter bag drop-off locations will be determined by LMRA and communicated to adopters.
  • Adopters will provide periodic updates on amount of litter collected in its area to LMRA.

How are adopters recognized?

  • LMRA maintains the Treasured Mile Program map on its website. Each shoreline segment and island will contain the adopters’ names and other pertinent information.
  • Each adopter will receive a Treasured Mile Program t-shirt and framed certificate denoting its shoreline segment or island.
  • Adopters will periodically be featured in a number of media publications, including the Alex City Outlook, Lake Magazine and Shorelines.
  • For those adopting an APC island, a sign will be constructed and installed on the island denoting the Treasured Mile Program and the adopters’ name.

What are the benefits?

  • An outdoor, recreational volunteer opportunity for the adopting party.
  • A cleaner, healthier and more beautiful Lake Martin.
  • Personal ownership in maintaining a litter free lake environment for the public’s use and enjoyment.
  • Community pride and collaboration.
  • A great education tool for the young.
  • sustainable measures that make a real difference.

Please remember...

The Lake Martin Treasured Mile Program is intended to preserve the natural beauty of the lake. Developed property is not part of the program. Please respect private property.



"We love boating,skiing and wakeboarding on Lake Martin and spend many summer days there. We feel safe knowing that shallow spots and underwater obstructions are identified with hazard buoys. Thanks LMRA for helping make the lake safe for all who boat there."

The Bobby Welch Family
Birmingham, AL


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