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Welch family skiing on Lake Martin

What others say about LMRA

Bobby Welch"We love boating,skiing and wakeboarding on Lake Martin and spend many summer days there. We feel safe knowing that shallow spots and underwater obstructions are identified with hazard buoys. Thanks, LMRA, for helping make the lake safe for all who boat there."

The Bobby Welch Family
Birmingham, AL

Dave CommanderI have been a Lake Martin resident for over 15 years and have been a member Lake Martin Resource Association for close to the same. I have seen the benefits firsthand that LMRA has provided to me as a lake resident. I’ll knock on wood but I have never run aground on Lake Martin thanks to the hazard buoys that LMRA provides and puts out.  My neighborhood is safer due to the $5,000 Reward Program and Lake Martin is cleaner due to the LMRA lake clean-up. My address plaque on my pier was even provided by LMRA.

I am also President of Russell Marine and have seen the benefits that LMRA has provided our marinas and customers. They have been a big help to us the last three years at AquaPalooza. The No Wake buoys were all put out by their members and all of our AquaPalooza shuttle boats were manned by LMRA. We also work with LMRA on boating safety classes at our marinas and they provided drivers to help with our Women on Lake Martin boat classes. LMRA worked with the 3rd and 4th graders at Stephens’s school in creating a pictorial calendar of Lake Martin that we sent out to our customers. I know that LMRA has spent countless hours providing information to FERC and Alabama Power on the benefits of a higher winter pools. This will be a huge economic benefit to Lake Martin and will provide some of our customer’s access to Lake Martin year round. 

As a resident and a business person, I can’t say thank you enough to LMRA.

Dave Commander
Waterfront resident and
President, Russell Marine

Kenneth Boone"Lake Martin is an economic engine that gives east central Alabama a bright future, and at the same time enhances the quality of life of all those who live and vacation here. Where else are people building million-dollar homes in rural Alabama? The work done by the Lake Martin Resource Association to protect, promote and improve Lake Martin is crucial to our area's success."

Kenneth Boone
Publisher of The Alexander City Outlook, The Dadeville Record and Lake magazine

Mayor Barbara Young"Alexander City, "The Gateway to Lake Martin," recognizes the significance of Lake Martin to its growth and economic success through tourism, recreation, water source and land development. One of our most active groups of guardians for this precious resource is the Lake Martin Resource Association. Alexander City has worked with LMRA on the Middle Tallapoosa Clean Water Partnership board of directors, Lake Martin Clean Up Day, the Economic Impact Analysis of Lake Martin and other projects. They are also represented on our Lake Martin Economic Development Alliance Board.

"We value this parnership and look forward to continuing this relationship."

Barbara H. Young
Former Mayor
Alexander City, Alabama

Jim Ray"In my opinion the LMRA organization has some of the most dedicated people that I have ever known. They have a vested interest in water quality and sound boating and shoreline practices. Although they are not enforcement related in their duties, they are visible and on guard to support the departments who govern the environmental and water management resources of beautiful Lake Martin."

Jim Ray
Executive Director
Children's Harbor

Don McClellan"Since the inception and incorporation of the Lake Martin Area Economic Development Alliance in 1998, an approach of inclusion of all areas considered to impact economic development has been the center point of the organization. The Lake Martin Resource Association helps our organization foster this goal through their efforts to promote, preserve and protect Lake Martin. Lake Martin is extremely important to the health and vitality of the economy of our region. LMRA commissioned a study in 2009 to quantify the present and future fiscal impact of the lake on our economy. Needless to say the connection to the health and vitality of Lake Martin is directly connected to the health and vitality of our local economy. 

"This study has become a useful tool in our industrial recruitment efforts. To be able to show that we have organizations and individuals who take pride in their homes, communities and the environment is a great selling point when recruiting new companies to our area. I commend LMRA for leading the way on the protection and preservation of Lake Martin, and the Economic Development Alliance is appreciative to have them as a partner in our promotion and recruitment efforts."

Don McClellan
Executive Director,
Lake Martin Area Economic Development Alliance

George McCain"As a young boy, my father purchased a lot on the Elmore County side of Lake Martin. We grew up on the water, and as a young adult I acquired a lot and built a house, as well. My children learned so much about nature, fishing and skiing of that beloved lake. After my father died our family calls the lake cabin he built as the family lake property and is used extensively as of today.

"Lake Martin not only is a wonderful place for recreation and fishing, it also has intrinsic value in the magnitude and beauty it possesses. With that being said, it is also a wonderful place to live. There are memories that are made and cherished by many people who have had experienced the opportunities the lake provides.

"As mayor of Tallassee, I have a great awareness of how the lake affects our city in a positive way. We like to think of Tallassee as the “Gateway to Lake Martin” as main corridors up Highway 229 and Highway 49 lead to major areas of this grand lake. We have multitudes of people driving through Tallassee every year, and they stop for food, gas, supplies and recreational items. As they spend money here, we realize a healthy return in the form of retail sales tax which funds our city budget. Not only that, but it gives folks a chance to see our city and its amenities as they pass through or stop.

"We appreciate all the efforts of LMRA and what it means to all people who have property or interest in the large man-made lake. It is great to have people who work hard to maintain the integrity and the good reputation of the lake area.

"I love Lake Martin, and I can speculate that the future of the Lake Martin area looks very good and more attractive. We have a large amount of people who retire to this wonderful place, and understand why we are so blessed to have it in our great state."

George McCain
Former Mayor, Tallassee, Alabama

Sandra Carlisle"As a banker and as a resident, I am reminded every day of the importance of Lake Martin in our communities. Not only do the full-time residents who were attracted by the lake help improve the economy for all of us, those who come to vacation or to fish or go boating, also improve the climate for business in our area. I know Lake Martin Resource Association works hard to protect and enhance the quality of the lake and the communities which surround it."

Sandra Carlisle
Vice President and Dadeville Branch Manager
Aliant Bank

Laeman Butcher"As a businessman who has been active civic affairs in Dadeville and Tallapoosa County, I am well aware of the importance of Lake Martin to the community. Not only do the residents, fishermen and boaters attracted by the lake contribute to our economic well being, many of those who came to the area because of the lake also make an immeasurable contribution to our civic life. Lake Martin Resource Association is playing an important role in protecting and enhancing the lake which means so much to us."

Laeman Butcher


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