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$5,000 Reward Program sign

$5,000 Reward Program

The criteria for making a reward under this program is as follows:

Lake Martin Resource Association’s
Crime Prevention $5,000 Reward Policy

A total of up to five thousand dollars ($5,000.00) per incident shall be paid by Lake Martin Resource Association (LMRA) to an individual or shared among individuals who provide information which leads to the arrest and conviction of an individual or individuals in cases of lakeside burglaries.

An incident shall be defined as a single crime or group of related crimes committed by one or more perpetrators, working in conjunction, and may involve multiple lake homes.

Lakeside property refers to lake homes and boats in wet storage on the lake or at lake property.  A lake home shall be defined as a house, cabin, boathouse, or dwelling which has lakeshore frontage or is part of a subdivision which has lakeshore frontage.

A burglary shall be defined in the same manner as in the Code of Alabama 1975, as may be amended from time to time.  The dollar amount of the reward will not exceed the dollar amount of losses, both in stolen goods and/or damage to the property caused by the burglary.

The reward shall be paid only if the injured party is a current member of LMRA at the time the burglary occurred.  A current member is an individual/individuals who has/have paid LMRA membership dues within the previous twelve months.  Membership dues shall be paid annually and are subject to periodic increases at the discretion of the LMRA board of directors.

Members shall be provided with one (1) metal sign denoting that the property is protected by the LMRA $5,000 reward.  The signs are available at the LMRA office, 2544 Willow Point Road, Alexander City, Alabama.  Members may receive a sign either directly from the LMRA office or by arranging for pick up at another more convenient location (call the office or go to the LMRA website).  Additional signs may also be purchased from LMRA at a cost of five dollars ($5.00) each.

For an informant to be eligible for the reward, the injured party must report the burglary to the LMRA office within one month of the date of the burglary.  It is also the responsibility of the injured party to report the burglary to all other appropriate agencies.  At the injured party’s request, LMRA will provide written notice of the burglary and the reward offered in LMRA’s newsletter, Lake Lines, and in other lake area publications such as Lake Martin Living Magazine, Lake Magazine and area newspapers.  Written proof of the conviction and of the informant’s role in the conviction shall be provided to LMRA by the injured party or may be obtained independently by LMRA.   Informants may remain anonymous, if so desired.

The LMRA board may make special discretionary awards in recognition for outstanding community service for the apprehension of perpetrators of burglaries in the event that a conviction was not obtained due to unusual circumstances.




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