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Lake Martin shoreline

Regulatory Issues

Shoreline Management

Attention Property Owners
Alabama Power holds property rights around the lake as required by the Federal Government. So before you begin construction, make changes or additions to any structures or the shoreline, you must call Alabama Power Company for a permit. Contact information, as well as permit guidelines, for Lake Martin can be determined by calling 256-825-0053 or 256-825-1102. Complete shoreline permitting guidelines can be found here.

Boat Length Law

By an act of the Alabama Legislature, restrictions were enacted relating to length and speed of boats on Lake Martin. These are summarized as follows:

  1. The use of houseboats shall be prohibited.
  2. The use of vessels greater than 26 feet 11 inches in length and rated by the manufacturer for or capable of a top speed in excess of 60 miles an hour shall be prohibited.
  3. The use of vessels greater than 30 feet 6 inches in length, as determined by the straight line distance between the ends of the boat, excluding bowsprits, outboard motor brackets, rudders or other attachments shall be prohibited.

Exception, exclusions and definitions relating to this law can be found at the full text of the law here.



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