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Josh Graham, Eagle Scout

LMRA sponsors Eagle Scout project

LMRA has established a policy to support scouts with the Community Service project, which is one of the requirements for Eagle Scout, if the project relates to improving something about Lake Martin. We are proud of that policy and recently helped Scout Josh Graham complete this step on his way to becoming an Eagle Scout. Josh’s project was to build a set of permanent storage lockers to hold life preservers on the Children’s Harbor pier. This will eliminate the need to carry the PFD’s from the Lodge basement to the dock and back thus eliminating work for the staff and campers. The natural looking wooden slat compartments were designed by Josh to serve a dual duty as lakeside benches. A plaque was placed on each locker recognizing Josh and the support of LMRA. We congratulate Josh on his accomplishment and wish him well as he continues with scouting. LMRA was pleased to be a part of this project and to work with this fine young man.



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