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Current Lake Martin level at Martin Dam 490.42


Lake Level - Martin Dam

Lake levels on Lake Martin are controlled by Alabama Power Co. (APCO) under a federal license approved by the Federal Power Commission (now Federal Energy Regulatory Commission – FERC) in 1972. LMRA played a central role in brokering compromise agreements with APCO and other stakeholders to preserve the recreational uses of Lake Martin and establish the water levels that are now in force. That agreement permits the APCO to begin filling the reservoir in February to reach full pool (491 feet msl) on May 1, and retain this level until September 1 when the drawdown begins. A level of 481 feet msl is reached in December. Of course, the ability to fill Lake Martin is also dependent on sufficient rainfall.

Recognizing that much has changed on Lake Martin since the early 70s, and there is a greater demand for higher water levels over a longer period of time, LMRA has been a strong and active participant in the relicensing negotiations that are now ongoing with APCO. LMRA has proposed an early spring fill (April 1), a fall extension of full pool until October 15, and a winter drawdown of no more than seven feet to 484 feet msl. APCO has modeled each of these proposals, and their findings are presented in the Final License Application (FLA).  Approval by FERC is not expected before June 2013.



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