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Children's Harbor lighthouse on Lake Martin

Why Should I Join?

The main reason is: Because you love Lake Martin! And so do we. That’s why each member’s dues go straight toward the following programs and benefits:

You enjoy its beauty. That’s why we organize regular trash drives for the lake and neighborhoods. We picked up over 20 tons of garbage last year alone! Our volunteers are unpaid, but supplies, trash barges, fuel, and insurance all cost us.

You want it to be safe. Hazard buoys save boats and lives, period. Hitting a submerged rock at speed can ruin your day, your boat, or far worse. LMRA has strategically installed over 400 buoys, including 80 lighted buoys at our cost, from membership dues.

You want Lake Martin to remain a Lake. Lake Martin’s ‘full pool’ doesn’t just happen. Other states, developers, and lobbyists want your lake’s water for their purposes. LMRA fights this tedious battle so you can enjoy a full lake longer. We’ve been winning so far, but it’s expensive and paid out of membership dues.

Lake Martin Resource Association exists for these primary causes, plus many Lake-related missions. We do it for you. For Lake Martin. For all of us. Thank you for your membership.

Benefits of Membership

As soon as you join, you’ll get our thanks plus...

  • Neat car or boat "LMRA member" decal
  • Regular newsletter of ‘insider’ Lake Martin info, updates, and changes
  • Discount certificate for Lakeside Address signs
  • Enrollment in our $5000 Property Protection Program
  • Invitation to our Annual Member Fun Breakfast (It really is fun.)
  • Comfort in knowing you’re creating a more beautiful, safer, and more protected Lake Martin

You can join or renew an existing membership securely below through PayPal. (No PayPal account is needed, just your credit card.) Or, download, complete and mail the PDF form with your payment.

Annual Memberships  
$40 annually
$75 annually
$100 annually
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"Our members are the life blood of this organization. We are funded entirely by member dues and we exist solely to for the benefit of our members and the lake community."

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