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Environmental Education

We believe that a visible reminder of the importance of not throwing trash will be an important deterrent to littering.  The sign at left, in three sizes, have been placed on roadsides around the lake and in highly visible areas at all Lake Martin marinas. Many of the roadside signs also have the “report a litterer” sign attached at the bottom.

LMRA Report a Litterer Program
The purpose of this project is to make available to the public a process by which a report can be made of witnessing an act of Criminal Littering as defined in Alabama law 13A-7-29. In conjunction with the County Sheriff’s Department in both Tallapoosa County and Elmore County, LMRA has developed a process for reporting littering both on Lake Martin and roadsides surrounding the lake. The process is described below. You can report a litterer by filling out this form, or by contacting us. “Report a litterer” signs have been added to some LMRA roadside signs. A reward of $250 is part of the program.

Report a Litterer Reward Criteria
It is the intent of LMRA to reward individuals who have witnessed an act of criminal littering and filed a report with the County Sheriff’s Department. The information provided must lead to a warrant being issued by the County Sheriff charging the offender with violation of Alabama Law 13A-7-29 Criminal Littering or 32-5A-60 Highway Littering. This charge was followed by court action and resulted in a fine being levied for the offense.


  • LMRA is made aware of the filing of the report either through the LMRA web site or form provided by LMRA
  • LMRA will maintain contact with the County Sheriff during the review process
  • Witness must be willing to sign a warrant which is needed for the Sheriff to make a criminal case
  • Witness must be willing to appear in court and testify if necessary to obtain conviction
  • The offender is found guilty and fined for the offense
  • LMRA is made aware of the legal action

Result-LMRA will issue a check in the amount of $250.00 made payable to the reporting witness

Alabama Litter Law  13A-7-29 Criminal Littering
A person commits the crime of criminal littering if he or she engages in any of the following acts:
Knowingly deposits litter, in any manner, on public or private property or waters

  • Negligently deposits glass or pointed objects on or adjacent to public waters
  • Discharges sewage, oil products, or litter from a watercraft of more than 25 feet in length

Litter is defined as rubbish, refuse, waste material, garbage, dead animals, paper, glass, cans, bottles, trash, scrap metal, debris, or any foreign substance of any kind and description.

Criminal littering is a Class C misdemeanor. The minimum fine for first conviction shall be $250.00.

LMRA will work in collaboration with the individual County Sheriff’s office in counties surrounding Lake Martin.  The report will be forwarded to the County Sheriff who will follow up with the appropriate legal action.

We want to educate and clean up our Lake Martin community and with your help it can be done.

Lake Martin “Renew our Rivers”
LMRA is the coordinator for the Alabama Power Company  “Renew our Rivers” annual cleanup of Lake Martin. The objective is to promote public awareness of the problems with litter and illegal dumping on Lake Martin and the surrounding roadsides by organizing and participating in a lake cleanup event. The annual event is usually scheduled as a 1 or 2 day effort held in the fall of the year after the lake level is lowered. The dates are determined at least 12 months in advance.  “Renew our Rivers” is a project of Alabama Power Company’s Environmental Affairs department.  From the inception of this project, many tons of litter have been removed from Lake Martin and the surrounding roads. 
LMRA is responsible for:

  • Determining the event dates and coordinating with Alabama Power Co. availability
  • Determining the areas of the lake and roadside most in need of cleanup.
  • Recruit volunteers
  • Publicize event
  • Placement of dumpsters in accessible locations
  • Organize and manage the event
  • Provide supplies-tee shirts, trash bags, water, gloves, trash pickers.



"Alexander City, "The Gateway to Lake Martin," recognizes the significance of Lake Martin to its growth and economic success through tourism, recreation, water source and land development. One of our most active groups of guardians for this precious resource is the Lake Martin Resource Association."

Barbara H. Young
Alexander City, Alabama

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