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Children's Harbor lighthouse on Lake Martin


The committe structure of Lake Martin Resource Association mirrors the objectives in our mission statement. We invite you to learn about each and get involved for the betterment and preservation of Lake Martin.

Boating Safety
Rendell Clark, Chairman
The mission of this committee is to promote boating safety on Lake Martin. The primary thrust of the work is to purchase, place and maintain hazard markers identifying underwater hazards that might impair boater safety.
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Environmental Education
Norm White, Chairman
The LMRA Environmental Committee is dedicated to raising public awareness of the challenges in protecting the water quality and the visual beauty of Lake Martin and the surrounding area.
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Property Protection
Larry Tuggle, Chairman
Almost from the inception of the organization, property protection was a very important work of LMRA.  During the early years (1970 to 1980) burglaries and break-ins of member’s lake homes was a constant problem.  Believing that the offering of a reward for information leading to the arrest of the perpetrator would serve as a strong deterrent, a reward program was established.
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Wayne Shell, Chairman         
Bill Harper, Co-Chairman
Membership is the life blood of this organization.  We are funded entirely by member dues and we exist solely to for the benefit of our members and the lake community. Therefore, the Membership Committee is responsible for performing all the work that will secure memberships.
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Community Relations & Publicity
Tammy Jackson, Chairman
LMRA believes that, as the premier lake association on Lake Martin, we have a duty to be very involved in lake and community activities.  Our board members are available to talk to civic groups about the activities of LMRA and the events that are important to lake interests.
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Legislative Initiative
Steve Windom, Chairman
The mission of this committee is to identify and develop issues of interest to Lake Martin membership that will foster safety and improve recreational enjoyment and quality of life.
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Steve Forehand, Legal Officer
Our legal officer has the responsibility for all legal aspects of the 501(c)4 entity. We provide representation at all proceedings involving the relicensing of Martin Dam by Alabama Power Company.
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