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$5,000 Reward Program
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Property Protection Committee

Larry TuggleLarry Tuggle, Chairman

Almost from the inception of the organization, property protection was a very important work of LMRA.  During the early years (1970 to 1980) burglaries and break-ins of member’s lake homes was a constant problem.  Believing that the offering of a reward for information leading to the arrest of the perpetrator would serve as a strong deterrent, a reward program was established.

Today, property protection remains a vital mission of LMRA.  The Property Protection Committee has the mission of coordinating and administering the program by establishing the reward criteria, notifying the public about crime in the area, investigating the circumstances of a crime and working with local law enforcement to determine if a reward is appropriate. This committee also works with the Environmental Education Committee to assist with the “Report a Litterer” program.  If a reward is warranted based on the Reward Criteria, the Property Protection Committee will make the presentation and obtain media publicity for the event.


"I have seen the benefits firsthand that LMRA has provided to me as a lake resident. My neighborhood is safer due to the $5,000 Reward Program and Lake Martin is cleaner due to the LMRA lake clean-up."

Dave Commander
Waterfront resident and President, Russell Marine

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