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Fourth of July Boat Parade

Boating on Lake Martin

Boating on Lake Martin is very popular, especially during the spring, summer and fall months. Because of the lower lake level in the winter, boating is primarily limited to fishing. There are numerous marinas, public and private boat ramps, picnic and camping sites for family recreation and enjoyment. Wind Creek State Park is a popular location with its many facilities. The lake is patrolled by the Alabama Marine Police for safety and law enforcement. LMRA, through its Boating Safety Program, marks underwater hazards with buoys.

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"We love boating,skiing and wakeboarding on Lake Martin and spend many summer days there. We feel safe knowing that shallow spots and underwater obstructions are identified with hazard buoys. Thanks LMRA for helping make the lake safe for all who boat there."

The Bobby Welch Family
Birmingham, AL


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